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 The vast majority of companies, specially small ones, turn to external data centers contracted through a hosting provider rather than having their own servers. However, in those businesses that have their own infrastructure and generally have an IT department, it is possible that if they have the appropriate facilities they can have their own server room. Having your own server infrastructure can have advantages and disadvantages. Hence, many companies that had this infrastructure have started outsourcing their data centers to save costs. Within a strategy of restructuring the company's servers, it is essential today to talk about virtualization. Server virtualization: lower operating costs Maintaining a server room has a number of associated costs that put a strain on the business. For example: •Energy costs derived from the general maintenance of the server room. •Acquisition and replacement of hardware on a regular basis. •Purchase and maintenance of business applic

Show your corporate team the importance of communication

No business or corporation can prosper if its members are not closely connected, and the real connection begins with communication. Building an outstanding corporate team is complex and confusing, and each team member must do their part, do their best, and find more and more networking opportunities. Our team events and challenges teach your group the basics of effective corporate team communication.


Effective corporate communication avoids consumer problems, solves those that arise, and avoids time-wasting misunderstandings. Corporate team communication does its job when it recognizes leadership and seeks to strengthen it. It also recognizes the equal importance of identifying struggling team members and linking them with others. This improves employee morale, increases productivity, and ensures that all team members are on the same page.


When the importance of intergroup and intergroup communication is ignored, it can lead to internal disasters that create external confusion. What makes team communication effective? Communication is effective when:







Solution oriented


Poor communication at any level affects your marketing, brand, and customer base. When new and existing customers perceive your brand as confusing or uncommunicative, instead of trying to figure it out, they usually walk away. When team members perceive the internal structure of their company as uncommunicative, they tend to shy away or seek individual solutions that only exacerbate the problem.


At Grupo Events we work hard to create challenges and team events that are based on communication and provide benefits through fun and learning. We also understand the importance of creating open pathways for corporate team communication. That is why we are committed to helping your group become a communicative and responsive team. When you're ready to do your best, we'll help you find it on the sunny shores of Mexico. Contact one of our team members to get started today.

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