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 The vast majority of companies, specially small ones, turn to external data centers contracted through a hosting provider rather than having their own servers. However, in those businesses that have their own infrastructure and generally have an IT department, it is possible that if they have the appropriate facilities they can have their own server room. Having your own server infrastructure can have advantages and disadvantages. Hence, many companies that had this infrastructure have started outsourcing their data centers to save costs. Within a strategy of restructuring the company's servers, it is essential today to talk about virtualization. Server virtualization: lower operating costs Maintaining a server room has a number of associated costs that put a strain on the business. For example: •Energy costs derived from the general maintenance of the server room. •Acquisition and replacement of hardware on a regular basis. •Purchase and maintenance of business applic

My 10 Favorite Software Development Blogs

At this point, there is hardly a larger tech company that doesn't have an engineering blog.

In my opinion, there are several characteristics of a good engineering blog:

The content is written by people such as software engineers or data scientists.

Blog posts aren't just glorified product marketing. techwadia

In this posts, I want to share the blogs that I follow to keep up to date with the latest developments in software development. Of course, there are much more interesting blogs. Marketingmediaweb


Instagram is a widely used platform. Consequently, you face many complex engineering challenges (eg scalability, data protection). Below is a post on how to speed up the web version of Instagram by reducing JavaScript and optimizing execution.

Speeding up optimizing code size and execution (part 4)

Covers approaches on how we improve performance by reducing JavaScript size and making Javascript run longer ... Divinebeautytips


The BBC is not only a broadcasting company, it also has an experienced team of engineers. Accessibility is an often overlooked topic in software products. So I'm excited to learn how accessibility helped improve their internal design system. Techcrunchblog

Shift Left: How Accessibility Featured Above Helps The BBC's Design System

Have you ever come across a component in a design library or system that seems to do ... everything?


Disclaimer: I am naturally biased on this. However, I want to include LeanIX as the blog is fairly new, but its topics range from learning to work with open source. Here's an excellent post that answers a popular question: why is the software buggy.


Netflix has done a great job in software development. If you have never heard of GraphQL, I highly recommend that you take a look at this post. Many companies like Netflix are now creating new APIs using GraphQL instead of REST.

In addition to REST

Rapid development with GraphQL microservices


GitHub hardly needs an introduction - at this point, most software developers should have used GitHub at least once. Web Components are the new standard for writing and reusing components independent of any JavaScript framework. Read this post to learn more about how GitHub uses web components.


Wix is ​​a popular website builder for building sites without code. His engineering team shares content on microservices, the technical interview process, and more. As someone who enjoys creating something new, I can highly recommend this post for motivation.

Google developer experts

You may have heard of the GDE program. We share a wealth of knowledge as we cover various topics related to Google technology. I love this post on best practices for working with pull requests.


PayPal is a widely used service that makes it easy for individuals or businesses to pay. If you've ever wondered about the idea of ​​JAMstack, this is a good place to start.

What is JAMstack?

JAMstack is complemented by a set of modern tools including CDN caching, CORS, JWT, Open API, Headless CMS and ...


Airbnb should be familiar to most of you. As a TypeScript fan, I love his work on ts-migrate, which Airbnb developed to migrate large JavaScript code bases to TypeScript.

ts-migrate: a tool to make a big switch to TypeScript Nanobiztech

Find out how we use encoders to accelerate the transition from JavaScript to TypeScript on Airbnb.

Capital one

Working for a finance company isn't just about dealing with legacy systems. Capital One engineers regularly share their lessons in areas such as machine learning, cloud infrastructure, and web performance. I love this post on ways to avoid linking in microservices design as many companies don't follow the microservices mindset.


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